Template for letter to Senators



[Your name and address]

The Honorable ________________ [Senator’s name]

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator _________ [Senator’s name]

My name is ________________________. I am an Iranian-American and a resident of the State of _____________. The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to recent events in Iran and solicit your support for the Iranian people as they struggle against a tyrannical regime that rules their country.

As you are aware, widespread protests erupted throughout Iran beginning in December 2017 and have been sporadically, yet steadily, flourishing across the country ever since. Strikes by truck drivers, merchants, factory workers, and teachers have transpired in multiple cities and townships. These acts of courage by the Iranian people have challenged the very existence of the ruling regime, a totalitarian theocracy that has brought a prosperous nation to the brink of bankruptcy, destroyed its historical landmarks and cultural foundations, and wasted its natural environment and resources. Corruption and economic mismanagement by the regime have culminated in poverty rate approaching 50% in Iran’s urban population. This past winter, the Iranian people rose up in protest to the devastation that this regime has wreaked in its wake. They continue with demonstrations and strikes throughout the country in hopes of conveying their voices to the rest of the world.

As an Iranian-American and a supporter of Iran Revival (Farashgard) Network, I hear the voices of the Iranian people and stand with them. The Iranian people are the primary victims of a terrorist regime that spreads fear, chaos, and destruction across the Middle East and the world. In the course of their uprising, the Iranian people voiced their dismay with the reform movement. Their resistance is a testament to the obvious, undeniable reality that reforms have proven futile in Iran. The Islamic Republic is not amenable to reform; it has never been. Consequently, the most logical solution for ceasing Iran’s systematic destruction is overthrowing the regime which acts like a Criminal Cult. The evidence is irrefutable and the signs are resounding; defeating this empire of lies and evil is what the Iranian people desire and fight for.

In solidarity with the courageous people of Iran, I respectfully ask you, as a representative of my home state, to please be their voices in the United States Senate. Please stand with the people and not with the regime that brutally represses them. To that end, I implore you to kindly consider the following initiatives:

1) Support proposals that deprive the regime of resources and financial means through which it affords and enforces merciless repression, spreads terrorism across the world, and ignites wars in the Middle East.

2) Stand steadfastly against the piracy of Iran’s wealth and resources perpetrated by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), fully recognize IRGC and any institution/firm working with it or having financial ties to it as terrorist organizations.

3) Condemn the regime’s infringements on human rights that are manifested by politically-motivated executions and extrajudicial imprisonment of students, journalists, and civil rights activists.

4) Remove pro-regime journalists at Radio Farda and VOA Persian (Voice of America Persian) and hire qualified and objective journalists who support a free Iran. These two TV & Radio channels are broadcast in Persian and particularly target the people of Iran. They are directly controlled by the US Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). It is not justifiable that they spread pro-Islamic Republic regime propaganda instead of promoting the agenda of the US Government.

5) Investigate the lobbyists who politically and/or financially advocate the Islamic Republic regime’s agenda in the United States, particularly focus on the ones who have family ties to the high-ranking officials within the regime

6) …. [please add whatever else you feel is reasonable]

Lastly, in accordance with supporting the people of Iran to overthrow the regime, I ask you to please consider supporting the Iran Revival (Farashgard)’s plans and campaigns. Iran Revival is comprised by a network of young, vibrant, Iranian-born dissidents of diverse skills and backgrounds from around the world. The objective of this network is to direct and ultimately bring about non-violent overthrow of the regime in Iran. Detailed information on their campaings can be found on its website, iranrevival.com.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this letter and considering this request. It is my sincere hope that you will stand with the Iranian people as they struggle for liberty, democracy, and justice.

Sincerely yours,

___________________________ [Your name]